MJ’s Daughter Bisexual? Questions Raised After THESE PROM PICS Surface!

Posted On : May 28, 2016

Michael Jackson’s 18 year old daughter, Paris Jackson, has just stirred up a gigantic bowl of ‘What the…?!!’ all across the internet, after photos of her prom pics surfaced. Many are now questioning Paris’ sexuality and wondering if this is her coming out party. Why you ask? Well it’s because Paris recently took her friend to the prom, but not just any old friend, it was her girlfriend- meaning that Paris’ prom date was definitely a girl and they are definitely friends- right now that’s all we know about their relationship.
mj and toddler paris

But the thing that made some church ladies clutch their pearls and say “Oh my Lurdt” (in my Madea voice) is that Paris went ALL out! She rocked a men’s suit with a matching blue tie and blue hair that coordinated with her girlfriend’s blue gown. In their prom photo (below) as you can see, Paris and her girl are hugged up like any typical prom pic. Sooooo….now everybody’s asking ‘Is Paris Jackson bisexual now?’ ‘Is this her defining moment to let the world know what time it is with her sexuality?’ ‘What would MJ say?!!’ ‘Doesn’t she have a man?’

paris jackson and female prom date

Maybe we should go a lil’ easy on Paris though, although some of the things she’s been doing lately is enough to make any grandmother wanna knock some sense into her, (don’t hurt Mama Katherine, LOL). But it looks like Paris has clearly been going through some identity crisis/growing pains in the past year or so. Case in point: Just last year Paris rocked her hair like this…


Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 9.33.17 AM

Then she made a fast transformation into this…

paris jackson smoking


And ever since she turned 18 on April 3, 2016, she has gone from zero tattoos to SEVEN tattoos in a little over a month….

paris tattoos

And she’s also been dating her 26 year old Caucasian boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, who has caught MAJOR backlash because he loves the confederate flag (the flag that widely represents racists views) so much that not only does he oftentimes wear it on his clothing, but he has a huge tattoo of the confederate flag covering his forearm. A forearm attached to the hand that he he uses to hold the hand of his half African American girlfriend…we know, it’s weird. Snoddy also proudly admits that his “favorite” band is Pantera, a band that earlier this year caught heat for doing the Nazi salute and yelling “White power!” at their concert.

But then, Paris on the other hand, sometimes posts pro-Black inspired pics and captions, like this recent one…


So as you can see ILOSM fam,’ MJ’s daughter is in the phase of life where she seems to be trying to find herself and her own identity outside of the shadow of her iconic father. We’ve all gone threw the weird phase of making that transition from kiddy world to grown up, so although Paris’s transition is a tad bit more extreme than some, let’s let the child LIVE and figure out this thing called life. If she’s gay…cool, if she’s bisexual…cool, and if she’s straight…cool.