See MJ’s Longtime SECRET Girlfriend, Many Want To Know If She’s BLACK

Posted On : May 22, 2016

Many of Michael Jackson’s close friends have long since confirmed that there was a woman in MJ’s life, who he dated for many years. We’ve learned that MJ’s secret woman was there since about 1988, according to her, and they still were seeing each other up until MJ’s tragic death. She shocked many when she revealed herself and now folks are trying to determine if she is actually Black, because they weren’t accustomed to seeing MJ date a Black woman…


MJ'S SECRET WOMAN, SHANA MANGALA Meet Michael Jackson's secret on again/off again girlfriend, Shana Mangatal. She's approximately 46 years old and she was once an actress. She's been in MJ's life through it all- even before and after MJ's marriage to Lisa Marie Presley (but not during). Many were shocked to see her because prior to that they mainly knew of MJ being romantically connected to Lisa Marie Presley; his babies' Momma,  Debbie Rowe; actress, Tatum O'Neal and a few others who were not African American. But let's not forget that he also dated Stephanie Mills and he was crushin' hard on Beyonce.' So Shana fits right into MJ's type as well...although we don't know her full nationality- she could be Black, or she could be of another ethnic nationality. Doesn't really matter because what's important is that they apparently cared so deeply for each other that they remained in each other's lives for TWO decades!


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