MJ’s Nephew Drops Bombshell About His Sister & Accuser: ‘My Dad Can’t Speak On It, But I Will’

Posted On : April 4, 2019

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One thing we’ve always dug about Michael Jackson’s nephew, Siggy Jackson (above, L), is his outspokenness, especially when it came to standing up for his iconic fam.’ In case y’all aren’t familiar with Siggy, he’s the 41 year old son of Jackie Jackson. He’s also just dropped hella bombshells about the Leaving Neverland MJ accuser, Wade Robson, among other things that the public never knew. Peep the excerpts from his recent interview on Power 106-Los Angeles…

Why his Dad, Uncles, & Aunts aren’t speaking out about Leaving Neverland:

“People like my father (Jackie Jackson) and my aunt (Janet Jackson), they can’t really speak, because if they say anything outta order, they gon’ get judged. Well you know what? I’m not gon’ fu**in’ get judged. I’m the second generation, I’m here to tell…what it is. They have to be courteous and classy…I’m here to come and be nasty, because…they’ve (accusers) been firing at our family for years. And here’s the real problem-I got children, I got a wife, I stand behind my last name proudly.

We haven’t had a chance to actually mourn my uncle.…I’m coming to tell the truth of who my uncle was.”

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Siggy made it clear that he is “a child of Neverland” and that he was always by his uncle’s house as a kid. He calls MJ’s accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, “liars.”

Then Siggy Dropped A MAJOR Bombshell About His Sister &Wade Robson>>>

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Jackie Jackson’s daughter, Brandi Jackson (pictured above), and accuser Wade Robson, have a serious history together:

Siggy: “Wade dated my sister for quite a long time, it was somewhere around 9 years. …Yeah, I KNOW Wade! We spent a lotta time with him up in Neverland. I met his Moms, Joy, I met Shantel…and I’m not gonna speak too badly about them. They’re opportunists.”

He later added that he was always at Neverland with his sister, Brandi, Wade, as well as Wade’s mom and sis’, but that his uncle Michael was “never there,” because “my uncle was a BUSY man.”

Siggy then accused Wade of making up false claims about Michael because his money and work has dried up:
“So people are forgetting the basics. … He (Wade) started off lying to the public. Then threw out another lie, then retracted, then said ‘Oh, I’m gonna write a book!’ Well, the book…flopped. ‘Oh wait I’m gonna sue the estate!’… It got thrown outta court.

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