NBA Legend Dennis Rodman Busted On Camera In A Strange Clothing Robbery?

Posted On : May 9, 2019

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Retired NBA player, Dennis Rodman, has been known not only as one of the coldest power forwards to ever grace the NBA, but he’s also become known for finding himself in some jacked up situations. Primarily, most of said situations have been the result of his own doing. What y’all are about to see now, is unfortunately said to be yet another one of those times.

The 57 year old legend is being accused of participating in a store robbery in Newport Beach, VA. The whole fiasco was caught on surveillance video and it is incredibly strange, especially for a brotha who throughout his lengthy b-ball career, has earned enough bread to buy a few small countries.

Anywho, Rodman was not alone in his reported conquest. He had 2 women and 1 man with him, who were a part of the apparent heist at an upscale Newport Beach Yoga spot.

Now, the owner of the joint has provided video and has spoken out to describe the ruckus Rodman and his friends caused, as well as the confrontation Rodman had during the alleged robbery. Details below…

Store Owner Tells Why He Has Now Pressed Charges Against Rodman…See The Video>>>