Oh My! Lisa Wu Fires Back…EXPOSES Keshia K. Pulliam & It Is NOT Pretty!

Posted On : July 31, 2016

Just when we thought we were done with the unfortunate drama that has transpired between Keisha K. Pulliam, her husband, Ed Hartwell and his ex-wife, Lisa Wu, we stand corrected, because after Keshia blasted her on her podcast and threatened to sue, Lisa is fed up and has just dropped a few bombshells about she and Keshia’s association and Keshia probably won’t like what Lisa said…


lisa wu and keshia Last night, Lisa posted a lengthy message on social media and where she voiced her frustration with being put in the middle of Keshia and Ed's divorce situation. Lisa kicked off her message to Keshia with this:

"I wasn't going 2say anything but enough is enough. It's ironic that someone has been trying to avoid "this" type of media & drama when she has been the one that keeps this going..."
But that was the nice part...then Lisa exposed some things>>>

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