Omari Hardwick Recalls What Happened When he Borrowing Money from 50Cent, He Doesn’t Play

Posted On : May 23, 2019

Another celebrity has been revealed that he borrowed money from “the bank of 50 cent”. 50 recently started airing out people on his Instagram page and his antics and ways that he gets people to pay their debts to him by publicly embarrassing them and taking no mercy has gone viral and even earned him money from making shirts with the threats or responses given.

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In a recent interview with ABC Radio, Hardwick says even with his close relationship to 50, he’s still finds himself a target when the rapper decides to have a little fun on social media. However, when that occurs, Omari says he definitely holds his own.

“If you’re raised like Omari or 50, then you’re going to challenge each other,” Hardwick explains. “Obviously, he challenges people. And as you know, Omari ain’t afraid to go after people on Instagram either. So, sometimes I’ll reach out and I’ll say, ‘Five, why do you do that?’ And he gives me an explanation for why he did that. Which means that he respects me enough to give me an explanation, because he could really ignore. And he doesn’t.”

“You’re going to get a different level of respect for each other when, when each other sort of allows each other to be that thing,” Hardwick explains. “50’s fun man. At the end of the day, he’s a fun, super intelligent cat, who again — and I said — he changed my life.” (Connect FM)

Power actor Omari Hardwick had another interviewed and revealed he too has borrowed money from 50 Cent.

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