Meet The Heartbroken Woman Who Claims To Be Stevie Wonder’s Love Child

Posted On : October 20, 2016

“Isn’t she lovely…….Isn’t she wonderful….Isn’t she precious”.

Most of us know those lyrics from Stevie Wonder’s song, ” Isn’t She Lovely” where the musical icon wrote those lyrics describing the moment his daughter Aisha was born.

She Claims She’s The Daughter You Never Knew

Well, Aisha is just one of many of Stevie Wonder’s children as he has 9 children. One Philadelphia woman, Stephanie Mathis, claims that she is one of Wonder’s daughters as well.

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A woman named Stephanie Mathis, 49,  is 100% sure that she is the daughter of Stevie Wonder. Not only is she certain, her mother is as well.

Stevie Wonder’s legal name, which is Stevland Hardaway Judkins, is on Stephanie’s birth certificate.  In addition, Stephanie was named by Wonder as he asked her mother to name the baby either Steven or Stephanie.

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The North East Philly woman sat down with The Inquirer Daily News  to share her story.

In the late 1960s, Wonder was performing at the Uptown Theater in Philly where he allegedly met Mathis’ mother, Gloria Jean Mathis Greenidge.

Greenidge was in the music industry as well as she was a background dancer for the group ran by Pinkney Roberts. The mother of 3 daughters at the time met Wonder after a music director bought him to her dressing room. Greenidge claims that she had a sexual encounter with Wonder that night.

The Alleged Love Affair

That night sparked many more nights where Wonder and Greenidge fell in love and made love often.

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We fell madly in love with each other, Greenidge told journalist Jenice Armstrong in an exclusive interview. Every time he would come to Philly, he would come get me. … It was just wonderful. I got pregnant, and I let him know. He was very excited about the baby. He was only 17, and I was 19. He was very young, and I was young. And he didn’t want me to have an abortion, and I wouldn’t have done it anyway. So we decided to have our baby.

Not wanting anyone to know she was pregnant, Greenidge kept her pregnancy a secret. She last saw Wonder when she was 8 months-pregnant.

The love affair she had with Stevie stopped. There frequent visits decreased and turned into occasional phone calls that eventually stopped as well.

Greenidge eventually gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and she longed  for the day where Stevie would return to take care of her and the baby.

Sadly, that day never came.

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Now Here Battle Has Begun

Now that Greenidge is battling lung cancer at the age of 69, she wants Wonder to know that he has a daughter before she dies.

To help with this matter, Armstrong contacted Wonder and his longtime spokesperson, Shelley Selover. However, she didn’t get an email back from Wonder or his spokesperson. She received an email from his lawyer, Laura Wasser.

The email stated the following:

I sincerely appreciate the Philadelphia Daily News reaching out to me regarding this matter. Before I decide the course of action, I will investigate the situation further and make the right decision based on what I learn. As a man who is committed to family, my intention is to do the honorable thing, and I will determine what my actions will be once the whole picture is clearer. In that this is a very personal and sensitive time for both families, I would ask that you of the press respect the privacy of all involved and allow this matter to be resolved with dignity for everyone. – Stevland.

“We Are Not Interested In The Money”

After Stephanie was born, Greenidge stopped dancing to raise her children. Raising 6 children, one of which is adopted, on public assistance was no easy task. They struggled but their quest to find Stevie isn’t a money thing but a love thing.

Mathis once met her father when she was 6 and she is praying for the day to meet him again. Her mother prays with her as well.

“I never gave up hope. I still can’t give up hope. I would like closure,” she said. “I would like her to meet her father. I would like a DNA [test] because I don’t know how much longer this is going to go on. My cancer has started to spread. … I don’t need to be worrying. I don’t need to be stressed out.”

While Greenidge doesn’t have much proof, she’s hoping that the DNA test will prove the validity of her story. In a picture frame, she has a picture of Stevie Wonder’s late mother, Lula Mae Hardaway, to determine if there were any resemblances between Hardaway and her daughter, Stephanie.

“We are not interested in the money,” she told Armstrong. “We need him. We need him in our life. He is my ex-man. She needs her father. If it was about the money, I would have got him a long time ago. This is 49 years. This is all about one thing – love.”