OMG-See How BabyDoll Of FiveHeartbeats Looks NOW &The Music Icon She DATED

Posted On : October 22, 2016

We Old Schoolers, probably remember actress, Troy Byer, from her roles in “Sesame Street,” “Dynasty,” Disorderlies,” “Weekend At Bernie’s” and even in more recent years, for her feature in “John Q.” But Troy’s most memorable role was as “Babydoll” in “The Five Heartbeats.” Remember she played “Eddie King’s” (played by Michael Wright) wife? And who could forget when “Babydoll” and “Eddie” sang “Feel Like Going On” in that church scene?!! Well she’s been out of the spotlight for a minute, but we found her and let’s just say, she’s representing the old school VERY well at 51 years young…


screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-11-23-39-am Well who would've thought it? Troy Byer's man used to be the late great, Prince! She spoke about Prince earlier this year, soon after his untimely death. Although she was clearly broken up over his passing, she did manage to say a few words to Tracey Edmonds for Extra TV:

She also talked about Prince in her interview with WMBAreYouTheReason: prince-and-troy-gif
WBM: Wow that’s amazing. I understand that you dated Prince for a while and he even wrote a song for you and put them up put you on album cover.
TROY: This is going to sound so Hollywood, but during my first season on “Dynasty” Prince’s people contacted me and said he wanted to go out with me. I went to his concert which was my first concert ever.
And remember we said there was another icon she dated? Check this out>>>

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