Patti Is About To Come Up Again! See What She’s Selling This Time!

Posted On : August 28, 2016

patti labelle
In the classic words of the O’Jay’s, please join us in giving Patti some intro music to this article: “Money , money, money , mon-ney…MON-NEY!” Yes ILOSM family, that is exactly what Patti is about to make, once again from her Wal-mart customers. Except this time around it won’t be her apple pies, it will be her new tasty treat- Patti’s cobblers, sweet potato loaf and apple pecan cake!

They hit the shelves on Friday (8-26) and hopefully the hype that still lingers from last year, when James Wright’s Patti’s pies video went viral, will help the success of her new venture.

Patti's cobbler
Patti’s cobbler

Check out the details of Patti’s new Wal-mart deal via

Patti LaBelle is expanding her holiday dessert line to include five new items – three different cobblers, a sweet potato loaf and an apple pecan cake. Demand for LaBelle’s sweet potato pie became so high at Walmart stores last fall, the low-cost chain could barely keep them on store shelves. And word has it that her cobbler just might be better than the pie that inspired social media personality James Wright to post a video of his reaction to the first time he tasted LaBelle’s sweet potato pie.

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Fans can expect to find the cobbler – in apple, peach, and mixed berry flavors – on stores shelves beginning Friday. In addition to the cobblers, Wal-Mart is also bringing LaBelle’s apple pecan cake and sweet potato pound cake at select Northeastern store locations. The sweet potato pound cake was a joint venture to with a small Philadelphia business, Brown Betty Dessert Boutique. The cobblers will sell for $6.98; apple pecan cake for $9.98 and the sweet potato loaf for $4.48.

With as much success as she’s been having in the food department lately, Patti’s probably feeling good from her head to her shoes, just like it’s 1986 all over again. Get it Patti…