Why Prince’s 7 Seconds Made The 2015 Grammys Worth Watching

Posted On : February 9, 2015

prince blog pic
Okay ILOSM family, I have to be honest with you. I was not interested in watching the Grammys at all. The only reason I did was because here at ILOSM, it’s our duty to stay on top of all things music related in our quest to continue the fight to inform the youth about REAL music, like we had back in the day…even if watching the Grammys meant turning the TV volume all the way up and keeping the cups coffee and energy drinks in heavy rotation, just so I don’t fall asleep on this predictable trophy show.

It also keeps you, our ILOSM fam’, from having to sit through the grueling parts, we can just feel you in on the good stuff.

While desperately wishing that I could fast forward through the most boring parts and only skim through the others, it wasn’t until I saw Prince hit the stage to present an award, that I actually paid some undivided attention to it. You can always count on Prince to use his TV time to make a statement and that he did. When he said “Albums—you remember those? They still matter. Like books and black lives, they still matter,” I woke up! FINALLY somebody said something to kind of shake up the show by giving a message the he stands for and not giving a d*mn about what anybody thinks about it. Go ‘head Prince! We salute you sir.

Of course the social media world had a blast with the Prince memes and quotes last night. In case you missed it, here’s one that was all over Vine:

Let’s flip the script for a sec’ and talk about something else I don’t like about the Grammys: Most artists live for the day they can get their own Grammy and true enough, it’s a great accolade, but I think the Grammys have proven time and time again that there are a lot of politics involved in actually “earning” a Grammy.

Another example of politics with the show is what happened last night. Ledisi was jacked