R. Kelly Storms Out Of Interview After “Disrespect!”

Posted On : December 21, 2015

fb kelly interview4R. Kelly ain’t having that! He did a live interview with The Huffington Post Monday (12-21-15) and it turned out to be chaotic. Kelly warned the interviewer a few times not to be “disrespectful” to him by attempting to “interrogate” him with questions about his previous sexual allegation charges from 2005, as opposed to spending that time discussing his new album, The Buffet, instead.

The interviewer was like ‘Whatever’ and continued with her line of questioning anyway, which ultimately came from questions for Kelly that she was reading from people online, and that’s when Kellz got up and exited stage left.

r kelly mic
R. Kelly removing his mic during Huffington Post Live interview

Here’s how their exchange went down after he was asked to respond to some of the negative questions and comments the interviewer was reading to him:

“F*ck that, I’m a man who believes what I see, and everywhere I go…everywhere I’ve been, I get nothing but love. Now unless, all those people are tricking me and acting when they see me coming to a concert…I’m going to believe what I see.”

The interviewer keeps going…then R. Kelly threatens to walk out if she continues…

“If the next question is something negative out of your mouth, that’s exactly what I’m going to do [walk out]. I did not come here to get interrogated, I did not come here for a deposition. Do you know what a deposition is? Then you should agree with me when I say this sounds sort of like a deposition. This is not about R. Kelly, this is not about music, this is not about someone who worked hard and has an album out.”

Watch it here…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: R. Kelly will never be able to live down that infamous 2005 sex case, so he might as well stop trying to and only focus on selling to his loyal fans who still support him. Since Kelly will continue to get questioned about that case for duration of  his career, he’ll either have to face the music and answer the tough questions, or stay away from interviews altogether and rely on his music to do the talking for him. In this new social media era, it’s pretty hard for an artist to be one dimensional and only rely on their music though, no matter how phenomenal it may be. Fans want to feel a true connection with artists’ as people, which then allows them to feel that much more connected to these artists’ music. The days of artists shunning the idea of letting folks feel their personalities and making their fans only connect with the through their music are actually over- even Prince was forced to ditch his infamous elusive ways and come back to social media to connect with his people recently.
kelly in interviewSo I think Kelly’s best option is going to be to face the music head on- remain true to himself; talk to his naysayers, but don’t try to change their minds because that will never work for him; and embrace his true fans. In the meantime we’ll just sit back and see how this plays out for him.

What do you think ILOSM family- Should R. Kelly just stop doing interviews altogether and risk losing his connection with his fans, or face the music and answer the tough questions?