Remember This 80s R&B Singer? See What This “Nasty Girl” Is Doing Now!

Posted On : February 23, 2015

brenda bennett blog pic

You might not recognize this 80’s R&B singer today, but trust us, you ABSOLUTELY know her from back in the day. Wait ’til you see what this self-proclaimed “nasty girl” is doing now!

Just close your eyes and put yourself in the early to mid 80’s and think sexy. Do the Mary Jane Girls come to mind? Well, not them. How about his royal purple? You got it – the girls Prince made happen. No, not “Wendy & Lisa”. Try VANITY 6…she was amember of that group (and later Appolonia 6) and her real name is Brenda Bennet.

Vanity 6: Brenda Bennett, Vanity, and Susan Moonsie

Let us refresh your memory- she was the tough, cigarette-smoking girl in the group and she eventually married Prince’s set-designer, Roy Bennett.

Vanity 6 broke up a year later after Vanity left for a solo career and then the very next year, the group changed lead singers and it was Apollonia’s time to shine. Brenda stayed around for its changeover. She also had a part in the film Purple Rain alongside the group’s members Susan Moonsie and lead singer, Apollonia.

You’ve gotta see what she’s doing now…flip the page to find out…