See How Quincy Jones Said MJ’s Estate Did Him DIRTY, Lawsuit Going To Trial

Posted On : February 5, 2017

It’s official now. A judge has just given the okay for iconic music producer and very close friend of Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, to take MJ’s Estate and Sony Music to trial on February 21, 2017. Apparently the judge found sufficient enough evidence in Jones’ claims to allow the case to proceed.
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This is a $10 MILLION lawsuit that has been pending ever since 2013 when Jones filed the it against MJJ Productions (which is controlled by MJ’s estate) and Sony Music after he said they tried stick him for his papers.
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Here are the details of Jones’ claims via Billboard:

The fight began in 2013 when Jones sued Sony Entertainment and MJJ Productions, a song company controlled by the King of Pop’s estate, claiming master recordings he produced were wrongfully edited and remixed to deprive him of backend profit participation. The works at issue including the This Is It film and soundtrack album and the 25th anniversary edition of Bad. Zia Modabber, attorney for MJJ, argued that Jones is trying to pass off breach of contract damages claims as separate causes of action.

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In a Wednesday morning hearing, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern said the case isn’t as clear cut as Modabber would like. He says issues concerning the contracts between Jones and MJJ require the examination of extrinsic evidence before they can be resolved. Stern has questions specifically in regard to whether the parties’ deal precludes Jones from being paid more favorably than Jackson himself, whether revenue from digital downloads should be treated as those of licenses or sales, and whether Jones is entitled to royalties from broadcast public performances and SoundExchange revenue.


The judge said he’s been hearing the same arguments from the beginning of the case and still believes the issues are ripe for trial. “I hate to sound trite, but it really is déjà vu all over again,” he said Stern. (Stern denied a previous summary judgment motion last February.) Trial is currently set for Feb. 21.

Just to be clear, Michael Jackson’s estate is not controlled by his family and although MJ’s mother, Katherine Jackson, is the only family member who sits on the board for the estate, every move the estate makes still must be voted on by ALL of the board members. Mrs. Jackson has gotten voted against- for things she did NOT want to happen with her son’s estate-several times by the rest of the board, whom Jermaine Jackson publicly referred to as ‘greedy attorneys.’ So it appears that Jackson family are not who Quincy Jones is blaming for cheating him out of money. Hopefully he’ll get his just due.