Kandi Gives Surprising RESPONSE After Enemy Nene DEFENDS HER Against Phaedra

Posted On : January 23, 2017

In the words of RHOA’s Phaedra Parks “everybody knows” that she and her former best friend/ex-Xscape singer, Kandi Burruss, have been throwing daggers at each other all season long. But now ‘team Kandi’ has just expanded and Phaedra probably is not feelin’ this…

*SCROLL DOWN FOR KANDI’S AND NENE’S RESPONSES*Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 10.55.06 AM

QUICK BACK-STORY: If you didn’t already know, Kandi’s finally had it up to HERE with Phaedra constantly bashing she and her husband, Todd. So when Phaedra confronted her about taking her divorce from Apollo too “lightly,” Kandi put her on blast by revealing that Phaedra was already cheating on Apollo:

Kandi to Phaedra: “We both know you was counting down the days ’til he went away anyway. He relieved you because really, he was giving you drama and you were ready for him to damn go. […] I’m making it light because you made it light to me. […] You was already talking to other people before your husband even went to jail. When we would talk, you’d be like you was already ready to marry somebody else by the new year. So it really was a stress off your back at the time. That’s the way you was puttin’ it to me.”

Phaedra has now dropped bombshell claims about Kandi, alleging that she and her friend, Shamea, are sexing each other and sometimes having threesomes with Kandi’s hubby, Todd.
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Both of them denied each other’s claims and they got a lotta love and backlash from fans for doing that. But now, Kandi’s enemy, Nene, has given an inside perspective on this and Kandi is shocked as hell…


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Nene was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Sunday and when Andy asked Nene her opinion about this Kandi/Phaedra beef, Nene (who has actually become Phaedra’s good friend now) gave her honest answer. Again, Phaedra probably won’t like it, but Kandi sure did, as you will see by her post below…
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Nene on WWHL: “I’m okay with the friendship split. You know, it’s just the way that it’s splitting that’s the problem [laughs]. Well I think that Kandi has been holding back for so long and keeping secrets and, you know for me, yes I know them in a different way than the viewers do, for me, um I got your back and I’m loyal to you until you’re not loyal to me. You’re not just gonna keep shooting at me and think that I’m never gonna shoot at you, so I’m okay if, you know, Kandi wants to blow her head off every now and then, I mean I’m fine with that [Laughs].”

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We hate to see Phaedra and Kandi going at it like this, but hey, it could be worst- there could be a bunch of ratchet weave pulling and Chanel bag throwing. So at least they’re only hitting each other with words and allegations.