Soul Legend Blindsides Jay Z, Timbaland With Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit & They May Not Stand A Chance

Posted On : May 19, 2019

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Jay Z and Timbaland are about to come outta their pockets with a few million if one 1970’s soul singer has his way in court.

The two hip hop legends have just been named in a lawsuit, by former Stax Records singer, Ernie Hines (81), who 21 years later has apparently just recently discovered that Jay Z and Timbaland sampled his songs in two different records.

According to the lawsuits, Jay Z is accused of sampling Hines’ 1969 single, “Help Me,” on his 1998 hit, “Paper Chase.” Music producer, Timbaland, is accused of sampling that same Hines song on singer, Ginuwine’s, 1999 hit, “Toe 2 Toe.”

Both tracks were produced by Timbaland, yet, neither of he, nor Jay Z, had permission to use the song, according to Hines and his attorney.

In addition to Jay Z and Timbaland, Hines is also suing Roc-A-Fella Records, Def Jam Recordings, Universal Music Group and Sony Music.

As to why it took the soul legend 21 years to file a copyright infringement lawsuit against all of the aforementioned? His attorney has a an answer for that:

Timbaland produced both tracks, and the document notes that “Toe 2 Toe” has sold over “2 million copies.”

Hines’ attorney, Christopher Brown, writes that his client is a “senior citizen, does not listen to rap music and was unaware” that the songs contained his music and composition.

The lawsuit claims neither Jay nor Timbaland ever reached out to Hines, and between 1998 through [2018] never paid a dime to sample his work.

Ernie Hines is now demanding $2 million in his lawsuit. Pretty sure Ernie Hines be able to get his paper, if his claims are accurate.