Harvey Reveals His Extreme Fear That The Thing That Made Him, Could Now Destroy Him

Posted On : May 3, 2018

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Over the years, Steve Harvey’s career has evolved. These days, life is a bit easier, due to his success in film and television, but life wasn’t always like this. Back in the day, standup comedy was Steve’s meal ticket and it ultimately became his claim to fame. In fact, many fans probably agree they prefer “standup Steve” over the “Trump-supporting Steve” we’ve all grown accustomed to over the past year. However, the famed comedian has a totally different take on the situation. Apparently, he believes going back to his roots might be the biggest mistake he could ever make. During a May 2018 interview, he even explained why he believes the one thing that made his career would destroy it today.

Keepin’ His Mouth Shut”

In the interview, Steve Harvey was asked the one thing that most famed comedians are asked when they branch out to other areas of entertainment: Would he ever consider taking the stage again?

Most famous comedians’ careers started with standup long before they branched out to film. Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart, and Mo’Nique have explored the idea of returning to standup for specials but Steve has made it clear he won’t be doin’ it anytime soon. Although he claims to have a great special he could do, he’s not even going to explore the idea of putting it together. Why? Well, it looks like Steve is finally taking everyone’s advice and keeping his mouth shut. When Steve sat down with EurWeb, he offered an interesting explanation for his decision. Although he still has a lot he could discuss, he believes he’s waited too long to do so:

“I’m gonna be honest with you, man. I’ve been really seriously thinking about it. I got a special in me that’s so funny. It’s just about my life, the stuff that I’ve been quiet about on social media,” he explained. ‘I’ve been quiet about the beating I took about my divorce, which was in 2005 and has been ongoing in social media because somebody just won’t let it go. I’ve been quiet about the visit to [Donald] Trump. I kept my mouth shut about the Miss Universe thing. I kept my mouth shut about the memo that got out in Chicago. I just kept it all. Well, I may have kept it long enough.”

Goodbye To Stand-Up?:

Since Steve Harvey has been under the microscope lately for a number of different reasons, he doesn’t want fans to expect any type of comedy special from him anytime soon. “Well, it’s just been a thought of mine. What’s crazy, man, I haven’t decided yet because it’s so politically correct out here now. It’s so PC. Chapelle’s special broke a lot of the rules, and so did Rock but they’re not television stars. And, I’m connected to a radio show and TV that’s very much sponsor driven. If I had said anything that those two guys said, and somebody wrote in as a sponsor talking about, I can’t believe he said that then my whole television empire crumbles,” Steve explained.

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Dragged To Hell:

With all of the criticism he’s faced over the past several months, Steve admits that he’s actually “scared” to take the stage right now.

“So, I’m really scared at this point; I’m really leery about because it’s just so politically correct out there. And it’s unfair for comedy to be that way. It’s just unfair. What joke can you tell that’s going to make everyone happy? The joke has to be about somebody. And I don’t know how to write a joke about nobody. I just don’t. So, I’m just thinking about it. I don’t know how to write a joke without saying something controversial. You can’t write comedy without being controversial.”

By now, most fans have probably heard a thing or two about Steve Harvey’s media fiascos lately. “The Kings of Comedy” star’s downfall began with the infamous Miss Universe pageant when he crowned the wrong woman. The epic blunder led to tons of comical memes but Steve’s support of Trump only made things worse. Steve started gettin’ the side-eye from fans when he publicly supported Donald Trump because people started wonderin’ about what Steve really stands for. Although he later admitted he didn’t agree with everything Trump stood for, the damage had already been down.

But what do yall think about Steve returning to standup comedy? Would you want to see him live again? Share your thoughts.