Stevie J. In Trouble Over Accident After Wife, Faith, Reportedly Left Him Hangin’

Posted On : May 18, 2019

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Love & Hip Hop star, Stevie J.’s, got some explaining to do, regarding a recent car accident, and the person who’s car he hit wants answers ASAP. Only prob’ is, apparently Stevie attempted to seeks his wife, Faith’s, help at the time of the accident, but she reportedly left him hangin.’ So now, in the words of Faith’s ex-husband, Biggie, the victim believes Stevie’s ‘tryna stick him for his papers.’

What Had Happened Was…
According to TMZ, Stevie J. pulled a semi hit n’ run in a Los Angeles, CA gym parking lot, while driving his Mercedes G-Wagon truck. To make matters worse, he reportedly had no insurance. Whyyyy Steebie…whyyyy???!

The reports state that Stevie was trying to exit the parking lot, when he got ‘stuck’ at the ticket machine. That’s when he reportedly hastily backed up his vehicle and rammed right into the car behind him, causing mad damage to the front of the other driver’s car. The driver says the below photos are evidence of the damage Stevie caused, which reportedly caused the driver about $4,000.

The driver also said that after the accident, Stevie told him he didn’t have his insurance card on him, but he still handed over his California ID. According to TMZ, Stevie attempted to call the wifey, Faith, but she told him she was busy…so, no luck there either. Therefore, Stevie simply gave the driver the name of his insurance company.

However, the driver was in for a big surprise when he dialed up the company’s number later. The driver says that when he submitted his claim to Stevie’s insurance company, it was rejected. Why? Because the company says Stevie is not listed on Faith’s insurance policy, therefore he’s on his own.

After getting that rejection, the driver says he’s tried repeatedly to text and call Stevie, but the producer has now gone radio silent.

To add insult to injury, Stevie has now stated that the accident was not his fault. He now claims that the driver rammed into the back of his vehicle instead.

The driver is now taking additional legal action, here’s how:

Via TMZ- There’s no police report, only an incident report from parking lot personnel. The man says he didn’t go to cops because he initially trusted Stevie — but says now HIS insurance will be taking legal action.