That Time When Judge Mathis Checked The Hell Outta Wendy Williams…It Was Ugly

Posted On : June 15, 2017

Wendy Williams is known for telling it like it is and often leaving people speechless with her comments. However, she met her match when she had Judge Greg Mathis on her show and he read her for filth…leaving her uncharacteristically speechless. *Scroll to bottom to hear their feud* 

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If you’re a fan of Wendy Williams, you know that she started on radio. What many people love (and hate)  about her, is that she’s not afraid to speak her mind and put her guests in the hot seat. When Wendy was a radio personality, she was known as a woman who stirs up mess at times. I’m sure many of y’all remember her legendary interviews with Foxy Brown, P. Diddy, and of course, the legendary Whitney Houston- all of which were intense. Normally cool and not one without words, Wendy Williams messed with the wrong one the day that she had Judge Greg Mathis on her show.

Some years back (early 2000’s), Wendy and Judge Greg Mathis went at it on her radio show. He was there to promote his book, but Wendy had other intentions. In the interview from WBLS/New York‘s “The Wendy Williams Experience,” Judge Mathis gave Wendy a very bitter taste of her own medicine. Instead of asking the judge about things in his book, Wendy began to ask him about his alleged affair. She brought up a woman who was trying to sell her story to tabloids, claiming she’d had an alleged affair with the tough Detroit judge. As soon as Wendy tried to bring it up, the judge stopped her in her tracks and checked the HELL outta Wendy, by accusing her of getting high before the interview and much more.

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Wendy Williams began their interview stating that she keeps it real with her audience and that she has no secrets to hide. With that being said, Wendy began grilling Judge Mathis about a the alleged mistress and also about the rumor he’d impregnated the woman. Before Wendy could continue, Mathis explained to her that he could sue her for defamation of character, because the woman did not make the accusations that Wendy stated. According to Mathis, the woman alleged that she did cocaine with Mathis and that he allegedly asked her to sleep with his wife. Clearly offended, Mathis stated not only has he never done cocaine in his life, but he also claimed that he did not know the woman.

He then went ALL the way off on Wendy and stated that she admitted she was once on cocaine and could possibly still be taking the drug. Because of her nasal passages and a constant cold, Judge Mathis alleged that Williams was hiding her drug use. Mathis also believed Wendy could possibly still be on drugs because she was allegedly in and out of that bathroom during their interview. After Wendy continued to bring up Mathis’ rumors, he decided to bring up some things he heard about her. The no nonsense judge told her that he heard that she was bisexual and that she allegedly had 8 abortions. Mathis also dropped the mic when he claimed that he’d heard Wendy and Chris Rock were allegedly talking about his alleged affair behind his back for 2 hours.

Mathis told Williams that she picked the wrong one:

“You think you can get folks on your show and talk to them any kind of way. Well that’s why I do on my show and my show has higher ratings than yours. Are you still getting high because I just saw you leaving the bathroom looking high, in fact you got white powder around your nose right now. Are you still a dope fiend? I need to check you into rehab and pray for you,” Mathis said.

Listen To Their Full Feud Below: