Things Took A Turn For The Worse, Jay-Z’s Former Roc Nation Sports Client Sues Him

Posted On : May 22, 2019

Jay-Z has proven to be one of the greatest businessmen of our time. With everything he puts his mind to and every endeavor he enters success is always soon to follow. However, just like any risk taken with your own money there can be mishaps along the way. And one of his current money making ventures, sports management company Roc Nation Sports, is about to endure some hard times now that one of its former clients is suing the company for medical bills following brain injuries he’s endured.

Fighting For His Life

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Roc Nation Sports is a joint venture between Jay-Z and Los Angeles based Creative Artists Agency as a foray into sports management. So far the company has represented many successful athletes such as NFL players Victor Cruz, Dez Bryant and Saquon Barkely as well as WBNA player Skylar Diggins-Smith. In an attempt to capitalize on the boxing market RNS recruited boxer Daniel Franco in 2015. Things started out fine with Franco winning his first five fights. But according to TMZ Sports in 2017 Franco came down with the flu and was sidelined from training for a few weeks. He reached out to RNS so they could cancel an upcoming fight, but they answered by telling him that wasn’t an option.

Franco claims he told Roc Nation he needed to postpone or cancel the March 23 fight — but Roc Nation pressured him into fighting anyway.

Franco says he lost badly in the 3rd round and should have taken time off to recover … but instead, Roc Nation booked him to fight again 50 days later on May 12.

Then, Franco claims Roc Nation booked him for a third fight just a month later on June 10 … his third fight in 79 days.

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