This Woman Tells Why She’s Forever Grateful For What J.Lo Just Did For Her Business

Posted On : November 16, 2017

Small business owners often face the most difficult battles in their plight to become successful. Whether it’s lack of capital to startup or just an overall struggle to keep their business afloat, there are a number of different reasons why entrepreneurs struggle. But, for one woman all of that changed when her unique design landed in the right hands. We all know social media has been a game-changer where businesses are concerned and for Teneka Moore’s business, it has changed everything. You’ll be shocked to learn why she’s forever grateful for J. Lo.

TaylorMade Bling:

If you haven’t heard of TaylorMade Bling Embellishments, you’ll probably never look at a Starbucks cup the same way once you see Teneka’s amazing product. Her company’s Facebook page features a number of amazing photos of her bedazzled cups. Although her work is nothing short of amazing, she was definitely surprised when she received a relatively unique order.

According to TMZ, J. Lo’s manicurist asked Teneka to make the famed singer/actress a bedazzled cup. As expected, Teneka wasted no time stepping up to the plate. She delivered a beautiful cup, encrusted with Swarovski crystal, that is valued at $585.00. Not only did J. Lo like the cup, she reportedly fell in love with it. In fact, the publication reports that it is now one of J. Lo’s favorite accessories.

A Monumental Advertisement:

Since J. Lo got her cup, she’s basically been a walking advertisement. For those who follow J. Lo on social media, you’ve probably seen photos of her with her bedazzled cup. Check out the headlines J. Lo has been making while toting her stylish cup:

Once she began posting photos of it, business picked up quite a bit. Teneka also revealed Alex Rodriguez also has a cup and other celebrities have reached out for custom designs as well. So, you can probably imagine how her money’s lookin’ these days. Teneka Moore came all the way UP! Wishing her much more success as she continues to grow her business. Ms. Moore, do your thing boss lady, you deserve it.