Fans Are Flippin’ Out After Seeing How Michael Jackson’s Rarely Seen Teen Son Looks Now

Posted On : April 30, 2019

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If the Michael Jackson were still alive, he would be proud of the growth his youngest child, Blanket Jackson (pictured above with MJ) has made. The teen has come a long way both personally and physically. It’s the latter that has fans trippin’ after seeing a recent photo of him.

Before we get into what Blanket looks like now, let us first give the young brotha props for his personal growth.

Blanket Changed His Name After Reported Bullying
Blanket no longer wants to be called Blanket, because according to AOL, he was bullied for years, by kids who dissed his name. Therefore, he now goes by the name, Bigi Jackson. Hopefully he’s also learned to tell his haters to kick rocks.

He’s Not As Shy Anymore

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Out of MJ’s three kids- Paris (21), Michael “Prince” Jackson Jr. (22), and Bigi (17)- his youngest son is definitely the most reclusive one. He stays out of the public eye and has been known to be extremely shy. However, now, one Jackson family source told AOL that Bigi is ‘”confident” in his environment — though he’s still “shy around people he doesn’t know.”‘

Blanket Had ‘Hardest Time’ Dealing With Dad’s Death
The source also said Bigi “had the most problems adjusting after Michael died” in 2009″ and that “he acted very lost and extremely upset.” Fast forward to today and Bigi is smiling and enjoying life much more these days.

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