Camille Cosby Says Bill “Deserves Every Bit Of Hell He’s Going Through”

Posted On : January 7, 2016

fb camille cosby double picCamille Cosby has allegedly just about had it up to here with her hubby’s affairs. According to The New York Post, Camille sounded off about the enormous amount of humiliation Bill Cosby’s affairs have caused her, although she doesn’t think that he raped, nor sexually assaulted any woman.

An NY Post source says that Camille is just sick and tired of what his past affairs have now done to their marriage and to her image. Well, let us re-phrase that- it seems that Camille isn’t necessarily fed up with Bill’s affairs, because according to NYPost’s source, she always allowed him to have them, as long as he kept that part of his lifestyle away from her and out of the public’s out- but what appears to be happening now is that Mrs. Cosby is angered because now that all of these allegations have come out against Bill, in his quest to prove his innocence, Bill has had no choice but to publicly acknowledge that he has had multiple consensual  extramarital affairs a.k.a. ‘side chicks’ throughout their wedded bliss and according to the source, that is exactly what Camille asked him not to do from the get-go – publicly embarrass her.

Camille and Bill Cosby, 1965
Camille and Bill Cosby, 1965

Now that Camille has been thoroughly embarrassed in the media and dragged into Bill’s legal situation by being subpoenaed to give a deposition in at least one of his pending cases, she’s allegedly pretty upset about it.

A few eyebrows were also raised when Bill Cosby’s now infamous arrest was shown without his other half, Camille, by his side. She is always by his side, but on that day, our main man, Cosby, was rolling solo.

camille100Here are the details that The New York Post provided about Camille’s anger toward her husband:

[Camille Cosby] has vowed to no longer be her husband’s crutch, family insiders told The Post.

“My husband doesn’t deserve jail, but he does deserve every bit of the hell he’s going through now even though he is still pretending that this hell doesn’t exist,” the anguished Camille confided, according to a close family source.

That facade was in full force Friday, when Bill Cosby, 78, answered the phone almost jovially…