Uh Oh! Lil’ Mo Just Went COMPLETELY OFF On K. Michelle, See Why

Posted On : April 2, 2016

Lil Mo

In case you haven’t heard, singer/reality star turned radio personality is a true example of an entertainer who lives, breathes, and speaks without filters. As was the case when she decided to put singer, K. Michelle, on full blast recently after K. stood up Lil’ Mo and her fellow radio hosts on their radio show “The Fam’ In The Morning.” And according to Mo, K. Michelle gave them a really jacked up excuse for doing so. Not only did Mo admit that she was hurt by K.’s actions, but that she thought it was extremely disrespectful.

KYSDC reported:

While out promoting her new album, singer K. Michelle refused to show up to a planned breakfast with some of her biggest fans in DC and The Fam in the Morning with QuickSilva and Lil Mo. Listeners showed up to Radio One DC and thought it was an April Fool’s joke when informed that their favorite artist was a no-show. Reps say K. Michelle not being able to sleep in a 5-star hotel is what deterred her. Lil Mo and Britt Waters of The Fam run down details of K. Michelle’s excuse and how her “Diva” behavior could be a career killer.


K. Michelle has been promoting her new album, “More Issues Than Vogue,” and unfortunately, along the way she’s been racking up some bad encounters with radio hosts and others in the music industry who say she’s been rude or disrespectful toward them.

The difference between some of those other hosts and Lil’ Mo is that Mo will speak her mind without a moment’s notice and tell K. how she REALLY feels. Check out Lil’ Mo’s Instagram post where she outed K. Michelle and then watch the video where she talks directly about her.

We’re still waiting to see if K. Michelle is gonna clap back at Lil’ Mo on social media like she recently did to Toya Wright(the wife of her ex boyfriend, MemphHitz). So far there has been no response from K.

On a sidenote, ‘Can’t we all just get along?’