Univ. Of Alabama’s 1st Black Student (1956) Receives Honorary Doctorate

Posted On : May 9, 2019

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After 63 years, 89-year-old Autherine Lucy Foster — the first Black student to attend the University of Alabama — was presented with an honorary doctorate degree, just days ago.

According to CNN, her “latest trip to the University of Alabama went a lot better than her first.

The first time she applied to University of Alabama, in 1952, Autherine had already earned an English degree from Miles College. The university’s official website states that Foster’s application was accepted, but they changed their minds after discovering she wasn’t Caucasian.

She eventually got in the school in 1956, after a federal court got involved,” the source notes.

The school actually had to remove Autherine from the roster and campus after only three days of attending. Reportedly, the civil rights pioneer had received multiple death threats, and there were various riots on campus because of her presence.

Nevertheless, the source reports that Autherine Foster made history after enrolling as the university’s first Black student. The school recognized her during spring graduation last week. That’s where administration officials presented Foster with the honorary doctorate amid a standing ovation and cheers.

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