Very Honest: Blac Chyna Appears on Wendy Williams and No Questions Were Off Limits

Posted On : May 15, 2019

If you are an avid viewer of TheWendy Williams Show you may have noticed that Wendy has been wearing these very “un-fab” white sneakers of late but today she amped up the sexy in a black figure-hugging dress– which I think she wore because the infamous Blac Chyna was the guest on her show today.

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What’s even odd-er is Wendy even spoke badly about Chyna recently however Chyna still was willing to attend the show. That may be part of the reason Chyna was visibly shaken when she came out or it may be a combination of that and this being her talk show debut.

Wendy said, ‘We talk about you a lot on Hot Topics’, Chyna, said “I Know”.

Her life and how she got discovered

Chyna was an exotic dancer for 6 years and attended Johnson and Wales for Business Management–Drake discovered her and put her in a song “Miss Me”, then Tyga found out about her and put her in the video “Rack City” and the rest is history.


Chyna admitted to having liposuction, a breast augmentation four times, and butt enhancements and a decrease.

How she became friends with Kim Kardashian 

Chyna posted a fake picture of her and Kim— Kim later reposted the same picture some years after which led them to start a friendship since they lived in the same neighborhood.

The Tyga & Kylie Situation 

Tyga started dating Kylie and the way Chyna found out about their relationshiop was when Tyga performed for Kylie’s 17th birthday party. Tyga then threw Chyna out of the home they shared which ended their engagement.

On Rob Kardashian

Rob started engaging with her on Instagram. On New Years Chyna was in Lil Rock Arkansas hosting a party– she called Rob and had a conversation and when she got back to LA about a week later she met with Rob at Kholes house and they then decided to be in a relationship and he moved in with Chyna.

On if she was using Rob to get back at the Kardashians or if she felt sorry for him.

“It was different, I didn’t feel sorry for him, I just wanted him to see his worth”.

On Amber Rose

We are still close, that’s Muva, she’s pregnant we’re still close.

Wendy Williams Exclusive

Chyna revealed she scored her own Docuseries with Zeus– titled The Real Blac Chyna

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