Video Of T.I. & Mystery Lady Surfaces..Fans Now Urge Tiny To Cheat With Famous Celeb’

Posted On : June 18, 2018

For T.I. and Tiny, “cheating” and “divorce” are two words that have been commonly associated with the famous pair. But, we all know, T.I. has been at the center of cheating rumors more often than not. Over the past several months, the drama appeared to have died down between Tiny and T.I. but now the “What You Know” rapper has fans givin’ him the side eye yet again. Why? Well, apparently T.I. was caught screwing up again. Unfortunately for him, the latest incriminating video isn’t one from his past that’s happened to surface. According to The Shade Room, this particular video was filmed over the weekend.

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Boo’d Up?:

It has been reported that the latest video was filmed at T.I.’s concert at The Pavilion at Pan Am in Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday, June 16. The quick video has fans in an uproar because it shows T.I. sitting with a woman who actually resembles Tiny at first glance. But when you look a lil’ closer, you can see the woman definitely isn’t Tiny. After the woman sits next to him, he can be seen snuggling and kissin’ her neck. Someone in the background of the video, presumably the person filming, could be heard sayin’, “That ain’t Tiny.” After all of the drama and backlash, fans think T.I. would have learned his lesson but obviously not. Now, that the video is circulating on social media, fans have a few words of advice for Tiny.

Check out the video:

Turnabout Is Fair Play?

As expected, the video has caused quite a stir on social media and fans are seein’ T.I. in a totally different light. However, most are in agreement about one thing: Tiny deserves better. After viewing the video, fans are convinced T.I. could really care less about Tiny and it may be time to just throw the whole T.I. away. Some fans have even opted to blast T.I. on his own social media accounts. When he posted for Father’s Day, yesterday, a few fans dragged him for the video that was filmed the night before. One fan wrote, “I’ll continue to pray for you and @majorgirl. I know you love your kids and you are a great father. But see what disrespect does. Nobody wins. Your wife hurt and your kids have to see their mother go through that. Give her some time to process everything. She not gonna keep your kids away from you @troubleman31. She is hurting. May God Bless you and your family.”

Check out some of the tweets to Tiny:

However, quite a few fans also see things from a different perspective. Instead of just walkin’ away, some fans believe Tiny should get even to show T.I. how the embarrassment really feels. Have you ever heard the old sayin’ “turnabout is fair play”? Well, that’s exactly what fans are sayin’ to Tiny. If T.I. can have his cake and eat it too, she should also be allowed to do the same. Two can play that game. In fact, fans are even encouraging her to cheat with the one guy they all know can ruffle T.I’s feathers: the one and only Floyd Mayweather.

By now, most fans know the backstory about Tiny, T.I., and Floyd. In October of 2016, it was rumored that Tiny was messin’ with Floyd after a few questionable photos surfaced from Floyd’s Halloween party. When T.I. caught wind of the rumor, all hell broke loose. Ironically, T.I. was also rumored to be doing his own thing at the time, but apparently, that didn’t matter. But despite how T.I. felt about that situation, it actually is in the past. This incriminating video is, unfortunately, a present issue. Both T.I. and Tiny have yet to comment about the latest video.