(Video) Tamar Surprisingly Shaves Her Head Bald & Her Son’s Reaction Is Hilariously Priceless

Posted On : March 15, 2018
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Tamar Braxton, Vincent Herbert and son Logan (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Tamar Braxton has a new lease on life and decided to be a new Tamar on Wednesday (3-14-18) night. Toni’s lil’ sis’ shocked the HELL outta her fans, when she debuted her shaved head to the world. It was shocking that Tamar drastically changed her look from long flowing weave to beautifully bald, because she seems to be most vain Braxton sister outta her four other siblings. Therefore, she’s the least likely Braxton that fans expected to actually make such a 180 degree switch up overnight. Now, of course weave does not make one vain, it’s one’s personality that does and Tay-Tay has displayed that throughout the years. But apparently she had a change of heart and took to Instagram to let folks know that she wanted to be “free.”

Tamar’s Newly Shaved Head

She first shared a video clip of her hairstylist shaving off the last remnants of her hair, with a caption that read, “finally free”

✂️ finally free

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Then she posted the final result in all her natural, shaved head glory, with a caption that explained why she decided to get acquainted with the hair clippers:

“I’m over feeling captive to a wig, weave, people, people’s comments & opinions hell…even my OWN feelings! WE can choose to stop these things from having the power and victory over us!! And for me, that starts TODAY ‍♀️ #happysttamarsday


Remember when Angela Bassett had a moment in Waiting To Exhale and spontaneously cut off her long hair to emotionally free herself from her cheating ex-husband? Not sure if that’s the moment Tamar is living right now- given her very publicized problems with husband, Vince Herbert- but Tamar looks hella beautiful with her low cut! She also deserves props for having the courage to let go of whatever is was holding her “captive.”

Regardless of what one’s dependency is, ‘letting go’ is not always an easy feat. For Tamar, it happened to be her hair weave and public opinions, but for someone else it may be a dependency on drugs, food, alcohol, makeup, whatever. Point is, no matter what our individual afflictions and/or dependencies may be, it’s most definitely applause-worthy when we take the necessary steps to overcome them. Tamar is a work in progress and her fans are looking forward to witnessing her process.

Her Son’s Reaction Is Priceless!

Tamar and Vince’s 4 year old son, Logan, has so much personality. After Tamar cut off her hair, lil’ man couldn’t care less, with the exception of the fact that he jokingly called her “Mr. Mommy.” What Logan did care about though, was that his mommy was trying to get him to go to bed because it was well past his bedtime. That’s when Logan surprisingly blurted out the lyrics and melody to Bishop Bullwinkle’s viral Youtube song and told Tamar, “Heeelllll to the naw, naw Mommy.” LOL, I tell ya,’ these kids today are something else! Pretty sure Tamar didn’t know whether to punish him, or burst out laughing in that moment. Check out Logan’s reaction in the video below…


Vince & Tamar Address Infidelity, Divorce, And Love Child Claims

Tamar and Vince appeared in an interview, on The View, for the first time, since Tamar filed for divorce months ago. They addressed much of their recent drama and Tamar was clearly emotional, see what they said below…

On if they are trying to boost ratings with marriage woes:

Tamar: “I wish mine (reality show) wasn’t real…just so I can hide behind the truth sometimes. In this situation, I absolutely have no reason to lie about my marriage for ratings. I think that’s disgusting and I would never sell my soul to the devil like that. […] It was just to a point where I felt divorce was the only action I had left, although we’re in EXTENSIVE counseling. […] I definitely filed for divorce, that’s not a lie.”

Tamar also stated their “responsibility” is to their son, Logan, and to raise him in a loving environment, which is why she says her and Vince “don’t live together.”

Co-host, Joy Behar, then surprised Vince, by asking him if there was “a bun in the oven of some other woman?”:

Vince: “Absolutely not. And all the other allegations are not true, I’m just not that kind of person. […] “I love this lady with all my heart. I will never stop fighting with my family and make it great.”

Tamar: “I believe him because I don’t believe he has anything to lie about. … I’m already gone, I already filed for divorce. The pregnancy rumor came from my friends.”

Tamar explained the previous meltdown she had on social media, regarding the love child rumors:

“Let me just address the meltdown. … That was my fault that I put myself in a position where I opened up the floor for people to give their opinions on my marriage and I have to take responsibility for that. I do air my dirty laundry, however I’ve never been that specific. I should have been specific enough to say this is what my so-called friends were saying.”

Tamar’s advice to women in relationships: Keep your homegirls outta your relationships/marriage because they’ll screw it up with the quickness.