Wait Til U See The Presidential Advice Lionel Richie Gave To His FRIEND Trump

Posted On : November 29, 2016

Now that Donald Trump will officially be swearing in as the new leader of the free world in January (that is if the current vote recount happening in several key states don’t come back as flawed), his friend, Lionel Richie, has some sound advice for him that is pretty interesting.

Lionel Richie

Now before anyone starts judging Richie for being cool with Trump and saying things like ‘How could he be friends with Trump?,’ keep in mind that he knew him well BEFORE the wall building, p*$$y grabbing, Ku Klux Klan supported president-elect Trump surfaced. Well, on second thought, the p-grabbing mentality had probably already surfaced in Trump many years ago, because that incriminating leaked footage was from 2005, but you get the point here. So for all who are not down with Trump, I feel you, but Richie possibly deserves a pass on this one.

In a recent interview, Lionel Richie was asked what advice he’d give to Trump once he enters the White House and let’s just say that not even Trump was probably ready for his friend to say this. Check out the interview clip below and let us know what you think. He talks about Trump at the 2:19 mark…

On a side note, sine Lionel Richie and Donald Trump are homies, do you think Richie perform at Trump’s inauguration? If so, he’d probably be the ONLY soul artist willing to do so and  I could be wrong, but highly doubt that Richie will show up for that. Only time will tell though, so we shall see come January 20th.