Whaat? U Gotta See 4 Yr Old BLUE IVY Rockin’ $11 THOUSAND DRESS At VMAs!

Posted On : August 29, 2016
Beyonce and Blue Ivy at 2016 VMA'a
Beyonce and Blue Ivy walking the white carpet at 2016 VMA’s

Remember how back in the day, we thought we were sharp as a tack when we rocked a new pair of Buster Browns with our matching polyester suits (for boys) or satin/mesh dresses, with ruffle socks (for girls)? Okay I know our younger old schoolers might not know about that, but you probably remember when you thought you were on point in a fresh pair of Air-force ones, a brand new Polo, crisp-starched Girbaud jeans, and a rope chain; and ladies- nobody couldn’t tell y’all NOTHING in your new Jellybean sandals, with the matching skorts set…ah the memories.

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No matter which era of old school you come from, the point is that what we knew as being fresh-to-death back in the day, is officially over. NOW, toddlers are rockin’ $11,000 ball gowns! At least that’s what Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s pretty mini-me, Blue Ivy, rocked at last night’s MTV’s Video Music Awards.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy 2016 VMA's
Beyonce’ with Blue Ivy wearing her $11,000 dress


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Blue Ivy’s floor length gown was dubbed “Grand Royalle,” and was created by luxe children’s designer, Mischka Aoki. It had a leatherette gold metallic laser-cut bodice and detailed 3D gold metallic appliqué. The final price tag was $10,950 at Bergdorf Goodman! Laaaawd!

Beyonce and Blue ivy 2016 VMA's

Blue was cute as a button walking the carpet with her Mommy (and I love how Bey and Jay allow her to be a little girl and without forcing a bunch of grown up styles on her and such). But that dress though…FIRE! Although I’m not sure how practical it was…because we are still talking about a four year old here, so we gotta factor in the potential fruit punch spills, ketchup stains, and potato chip crumbs that were highly likely to decorate the toddler’s lavish garment by the end of the night.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy 2016 VMA's

Other than that, Blue Ivy strutted her stuff right next to her Mommy like a true mini-star! Go ‘head lil’ Princess!

She gets it from her Momma: Beyonce (L); Blue Ivy (R) with Poppa Jay-Z chillin' in the background
She gets it from her Momma: Beyonce (L); Blue Ivy (R)