What?!! ‘Tiny’ Harris & Master P. Dating Rumors Confirmed? Here’s The Latest

Posted On : August 30, 2017

Yes, you read that headline right. It looks like Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle is really dating the one and only Master P. Earlier today, the Xscape singer sparked a media firestorm when Sandra Rose broke the story about Tiny’s alleged secret relationship with the No Limit Records CEO. It has been reported that insiders claim Tiny has allegedly been secretly dating Master P. for much longer than most fans would believe and details about the so-called relationship are just beginning to surface.

A Secret Budding Romance?:

Although the relationship has yet to be confirmed….or denied, there are a few things that some believe to raise questions about the possibility of a budding relationship. By now, everyone knows Master P. is a flashy guy who loves music and sports. In fact, the New Orleans music mogul even had a short stint in the NBA. So it’s understandable how Tiny and P. could have a few things in common. But the publication has reported that Master P. was the man who bought Tiny her new home (wait…what?!!) and that he’s even supposedly a silent business partner for Tiny’s latest venture, the Atlanta Heirs, a professional co-ed basketball team.

For those who don’t know, Master P. also owns the New Orleans Gators, another co-ed basketball team in the same league as Tiny’s team. Could it all just be a coincidence? Although Tiny is still legally married to T.I, their marriage is reportedly one of convenience for the sake of the children. However, Tiny’s heart “belongs to Master P.,” Sandra Rose reports.

But Is It Really True?

The details will probably have many fans wondering what’s really goin’ on with Tiny and P., but the two have yet to confirm or deny the dating rumors. The two could just be business partners where sports are concerned, but for now, fans will just have to wait and see how things play out.