Wife Of NBA Team Owner Responds After Bey-hive Bashes Her For Disrespecting Beyoncé

Posted On : June 6, 2019

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Beyoncé’s fans are have been going OFF on the wife of Warriors NBA team owner for seemingly disrespecting Bey’ and her sacred matrimony to newly declared billionaire, Jay Z. Now, both women have responded..except the wife’s was directly to fans, while Bey’s was more of an indirect, shade-filled reaction and fans are lovin’ it.

What Had Happened Was…

During the NBA Finals game, between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors on Wednesday (June 5), Beyoncé and Jay Z sat courtside, next to Warriors owner, Joe Lacob, and his wife, Nicole Curran. While there, media outlets caught glimpses of a seemingly talkative Nicole, oftentimes leaning across Beyoncé to chit-chat with Jay Z instead.


At various times, Beyoncé’ looked annoyed on the low, while Jay Z seemed to try to act as if he didn’t hear Nicole at times. Nonetheless, the team owner’s wife didn’t appear to catch the hints and thus the Bey-Hive went after her in droves, all up n’ down social media.

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