Will & Jada’s Son Jaden Smith Will Portray Kanye West In A Seemingly Odd New TV Show By Kanye

Posted On : May 1, 2019

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Will Smith’s and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, proved to be a solid actor years ago, as young child in Pursuit of Happyness with his Pops. However, for Jaden’s latest collabo,’ it may take a whole lot more than just acting skills to please Kanye West, whom he’ll be portraying in a new Showtime series.

Why? Because as ‘Ye has demonstrated throughout the years, he could be a tad egotistical at times and has thrown public tantrums during interviews (hint, hint: his “Sway in the Morning” interview; and his TMZ hissy-fit). Also, let’s not even get started on Kanye’s questionably odd support of his “brother” and idol, Donald Trump.

In spite of all of that, hopefully Jaden will be able to meet Kanye’s standards for the upcoming Showtime series ‘Ye is executive producing, titled Omniverse.

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For Omniverse it was only natural that Kanye created a show that is all about him. According to Daily News, ‘The network [Showtime] says the show’s first season “explores the Ego through an alternate reality Kanye West.” Not really sure what that means, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Kim Kardashian’s hubby is cookin’ up.

On a side note, it’s unclear why Kanye chose Jaden to portray him, at least from a physical standpoint. While both are handsome dudes in their own right, they look nothing alike, with their only physical similarities being their height- Jaden is 5’7″ and Kanye is 5’8″.

There are other similarities between the two though. They are both rap artists, with clever lyrics; and they each have eclectic tastes in fashion.

Speaking of fashion, 50 Cent just clowned Kanye’s in his hilariously meme-worthy online post.

ILOSM fam,’ will you be tuning in to watch Jaden Smith do his thing in Kanye West’s new series?