Wow! At 87 Joe Jackson Still Got SWAG,See What He Posted About He& Katherine

Posted On : January 17, 2017

Listen up ILOSM family, Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson fam,’ has a message for you and he wants you to hear it loud and clear: He ain’t dead and in fact, his swagger is still in tact.


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If you recall, there were several rumors going around that both he and his wife, Katherine Jackson were about to sadly in their final days, but as we reported, they were in fact still hangin’ in there thankfully…
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Well throughout all of the rumors and the factual health scares- that Joe Jackson did face a few months ago when he had to be hospitalized for a while- these new pics and video of him (shown below) show that he’s obviously gotten his mojo back. At 87 years young, he’s still the same cool cat that he always was and I’ll be damned if you ever catch the brotha out in public not looking sharp as a tack, with pinky rings, an earring, and gold chains to match…gotta luv it!
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Anyways, back to he and Katherine, check out the beautiful blog message and photos Joe recently posted to let folks know the real deal about their health and marriage- yep, they’re still married, those divorce rumors a while back were also false apparently:


“Visited my doctor earlier today and then had breakfast alone with my lovely wife Katherine, who has stood by me through the ups and downs of life. Through all these years even in old age we are standing strong together.”

joe jackson and katherine recent photo

“And through the years we haven’t lost our humor and playfulness. I haven’t lost my ability to sneak up on her and surprise her…”

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It’s a beautiful thing to see them still together after 68 YEARS OF MARRIAGE! Now, of course it’s been well documented (even Katherine admitted it) that Joe has had quite a few lady friends throughout their marriage, even well into his 80’s (allegedly), but obviously that does not destroy their love for one another. Keep doing your thing Mr. and Mrs. Jackson!


By the way, check out the video message Joe posted on New Years 2017…he’s looking like the bill of health these days: