After All These Years, Check Out How Beautiful This “Coming To America” Actress Is

Posted On : July 6, 2018

Remember Patrice McDowell!

Who could forget “Lisa’s” (Shari Headley) lil’ sister, “Patrice McDowell,” in the film Coming To America? She was the feisty sister who couldn’t keep her hands off of the men she wanted in the film. I always thought they made her character seem a lil’ too bit desperate, but that’s just my opinion though.

Anyways, “Patrice’s” real name is Allison Dean and during one of our brainstorming sessions over here at the ILOSM, her name came up and we all wondered where she’d disappeared to over the past few decades. We started doing some research on her whereabouts and were pleasantly surprised when we laid our eyes on what our girl Allison is looking like nowadays.

Still Turning Heads!

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.22.39 AM

Do you see how beautiful Allison still is? And we don’t know what fountain of youth she’s drinking from, but she’s obviously sipping from one.

Allison’s been living a quiet life and working mostly behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. After Coming To America, she never landed a bigger role, but she did have a few small parts in TV and film, including Girlfriends (starring Tracee Ellis Ross), Chicago Hope and Speed 2: Cruise Control (starring Sandra Bullock).

A Quiet Life!
coming to america allison dean5

She’s also worked as a production assistant at Fox Television, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel and other networks throughout the years and she’s written and produced some independent films as well.  And don’t even talk about how she had us crackin’ up when she made “Akeem” (Eddie Murphy) jump up during halftime at the football game and shout “In your face, in the face!” Classic stuff right there!

We don’t know if we’ll ever get to see Allison Dean on the big screen again, but it was definitely a pleasure seeing her bring a much needed fly girl type of vibe to Coming To America.

Coming To America's Allison Dean