Yes Lawd! Sheryl Lee Ralph Flaunts Body In Tiny Bikini &Makes 60 Look Like The New 30

Posted On : August 28, 2017

If any of us ever needed a living example of what it truly means to age like fine wine, we don’t have to look any further after this. What you’re about to see is a work of art that is the beauty of the ever so graceful and talented actress/singer, Sheryl Lee Ralph.

Okay…I have a confession, in case you couldn’t tell by that intro, I’ve been crushin’ on Sheryl ever since I saw her in the 1977 classic film, A Piece of the Action, and even more-so throughout the years of seeing her do her thing in the 1981 “Dreamgirls” musical; the 90’s sitcom, Moesha; and now as the 60 year old legend she’s become today.

Yep that’s right, the Jamaican-American queen is 60 years young and just like our headline reads, she makes 60 look like the new 30…maybe even the new 20. Anyways, Sheryl recently went on vacation to..well, I can’t even recall where she said she went in her online posts, because I was so focused on the bikini photos she shared. As the mother of two posed in her itty bitty bikini, her fans’ jaws dropped. Check out her bikini pics below and then you’ll understand why…

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Bikini Body At 60 Years Young


See what I mean? Aging like fine wine! I don’t know if that’s some type of magical ocean of youth Sheryl’s standing in front of, but if it is, it’s most definitely working for her.

Beauty Runs In Her Family

By the way, we also couldn’t help but notice how beauty runs in her fam,’ check out her 82 YEAR OLD Auntie Carolyn…simply beautiful…

What Sheryl Lee Ralph Is Doing Now

And of course I couldn’t end this without filling y’all in on what Sheryl’s been up to lately, so here it is:
1. She’s enjoying the married life with her husband of 12 years, Vincent Hughes…

Happy Anniversary baby!I

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2. She’s still acting and back on Broadway, most recently starring in the musical, “Wicked”…

A breath taking success! Thank you! @wicked_musical #callmemadame

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Its my last matinee here on #Broadway in @wicked as #MadameMorrible

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3. Sheryl is still a sangin’ somebody!

4. She loves raising awareness for much deserved causes, such as AIDS awareness, animal rescue adoptions, and promoting awareness of children in foster care in need of finding a loving family.

Looking good Mrs. Sheryl Lee Ralph!